Pascagoula Parents Spruce Up School On Saturday

It was a weekend lesson in building at Beach Elementary. Instead of first and second graders, moms and dads filled this Pascagoula school.

Katrina cancelled classes here for more than 2 years, but now that Beach is back, parents like Len Murray are still committed to improving this neighborhood school.

"It was a long fight for us, but we got our school back," Murray said.

Principal Shirley Hunter says, since Katrina, families have stepped up to repair and rebuild.

"They come up and put together whatever we had, desks, student desks, anything. They know maintenance is very busy helping the other schools repair from Katrina," Hunter said.

In the process, these active parents are equipping their little students with tools for life.

"It makes it a family experience. You see Joe running around helping. It makes him want to go to school here, he has ownership in it. So, when it's time for him to go to kindergarten, he's excited to be here," Hunter said.

For kids like Sam Scarborough, who would usually be enjoying the weekend, they say this kind of class-time is great, especially since there's no homework.

"Being at school on a Saturday is just like being in Heaven all over again!" Scarborough said.

And if it's not quite Heaven, these families say, Beach Elementary certainly is 'home.'

Principal Hunter says the next big task will be replanting the flower beds, and hopefully obtaining a KABOOM playground.