WINGS Performing Arts Group Show Still Goes On, Despite Theater Destruction

Aspiring actors belted out tunes while production members of Guys and Dolls worked behind the scenes to make it all come together.

"This is a show with 85 children in it, of eight and up to 18. It's a musical version of Guys and Dolls, a musical version, and it does not involve anything bad. It's good and uplifting," said Flo Williams, the show's produer.

These gifted actors make it all look easy, but a lot of hard work has gone into keeping the group together since the storm and finding a new stage to show off their talents.

"Dr. Scaggs and MGCCC is very nice to allow Lynn Meadows WINGS Performing Arts come here and put on our productions because our theater is not finished yet," Williams said.

Construction is well underway at a new performing arts center for WINGS at the Lynn Meadows Discover Center. WINGS has put on several productions since the storm, and most of them have been held at the Gulfport Branch of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

No matter what stage they perform on, the cast of WINGS boasts of some pretty colorful characters.

There will be another performance of Guys and Dolls Saturday night at the college tonight at 7 p.m.