Modular Homes Going Strong In Rebuilding Efforts

It was the perfect Valentine's Day gift for Gail Bishop, and it wasn't a box of chocolates.

"This is called a four box home, because it was delivered in four parts," said Gail Bishop.

Ken and Gail Bishop decided to build back modular on their lot just off the beach on Hewes Avenue. Katrina destroyed what they called their dream home.

"We had lived here for a little over three years and had just completely finished redoing our home," Gail Bishop said.

Deciding to rebuild near the beach was a tough decision

"My husband said let's sell the lot, and I started crying. I realized I really loved the lot. I really loved being here and loved our neighbors," Gail Bishop said.

So they decided to stay.

"After a little research, actually more than a little bit, we decided to go for something strong," Ken Bishop said.

"It takes so much to build a home from scratch. One thing I liked about modular was picking out everything, getting it in place, then getting the home shipped," Gail Bishop said.

The home was delivered on Thursday, and it's going up quickly. The Bishops hope to move in their new home some time in April. In the meantime, they're glad the dream is still alive even though it's gone through some modular changes along the way.

New Gulf Homes is building the Bishops' new house.

The Bishops say a number of people in the area have built modular homes since the storm.