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Volunteers Help Moore Community House Rebound

Volunteers from North Carolina spent the week helping Moore Community House with its ongoing hurricane recovery.

The East Biloxi child education center lost several of its buildings to Hurricane Katrina.

"Fantastic! Okay, so we're having a play structure arriving Monday morning first thing. Great," said Jenny Sullivan, as the playground designer helped with the preparations.

North Carolina volunteers are doing their part to provide a playground for the kids at Moore Community House.

"All of their main buildings had been destroyed. And this little church was the only piece they were able to salvage. And they're turning it into a child care center, which we're trying to help them get it open," said Steve James, a pastor from Meyers Park United Methodist Church.

"The stained glass windows in here survived Hurricane Katrina, which is an incredible story," said Moore Community House's executive director, Carol Burnett, as she led visitors on a tour of the newly renovated buildings.

Moore Community House's post-storm recovery story is a work-in-progress. Brand new classrooms will soon be filled with students in the completely restored Epworth Church building.

"Volunteers have just been incredible. We wouldn't be as far along as we are now without the large number of volunteers and the contributions of very generous groups like Meyers Park church," says Burnett.

The North Carolina men are quick to point out they didn't forget their wives this Valentine's week.

Danny Watts made certain his wife knew his feelings.

"With a little help from my daughter in Charlotte, I called her and said, 'Please get some flowers over to your mamma,'" he said, breaking into laughter.

The work team is heading for home this weekend, knowing they did their part to build something the children will enjoy for years to come.

"This was just a great opportunity to come down. And I'm very impressed with what they've done with this facility. And I think the children are really going to love this playground. I hope they do," said volunteer Jerry Mitchell.

Moore Community House is close to getting the license it needs to resume childhood education and day care services in the restored church building.

By Steve Phillips

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