Gulfport Builds More Boat Launches

Boat owners will soon have more places where they can get their vessels into the water. The city of Gulfport has received $550,000 of tidelands money, of which $200,000 will be used to build a boat launch underneath the Cowan Lorraine bridge unto Bayou Benard. The grant will also pay for a loading pier and a paved parking lot.

Gulfport leisure services director George DeCoux says the city, the Mississippi Department of Transportation and private citizens came together to make the project happen.

"One of the greatest problems that we have here on the coast particularly in Gulfport is lack of launch ramps," said DeCoux. "I don't know how many boats are registered in the city and the county but it's a tremendous number and on Saturdays and Sundays you can't find a place to launch your boat."

The rest of tidelands grant will fund two other projects. On Courthouse road, the money will fund a boat launch, bulkhead, and ramps. The second project is the expansion of parking at Gulfport Lake.

DeCoux says construction should begin in the fall.