Vets Get Valentine's Day Visit From Current Servicemen

Valentine's Day is all about love, but not just romantic love. It is also about the love of country, liberty and those sworn to protect and defend both. On Thursday, a group of servicemen from Keesler Air Force base paid a special Valentine's Day visit to former sailors, soldiers and airmen.

The young servicemen got to hear all about what the military was like back in the day, thanks to retired Master Sergeant William Breazeale who spent 26 years in the Air Force.


"Anybody that will listen," he said.

"ARE THEY ALL TRUE?," I asked.

"Yeah, Yeah," said Breazeale. "I wouldn't tell you different. Never."

With Valentine's Day cards and candy, a group from Keesler Air Force Base showed their appreciation for the veterans at the Biloxi VA Hospital. In no time, strangers became like old friends as a connection to military service erased the generation gap.

"Learning about the history and some of the stories, because you can always read it, but living it is a lot different," said Airman Michael Raff.

Airman Mark Childress said, "We wouldn't have been able to win the war and do the things we do if we hadn't been able to learn from their mistakes and their successes, and to let them know that the nation hasn't forgotten about them."

The vets said it was nice to have the company, and said they were proud to see the men and women who are carrying on the job of defending our nation. Their message to the younger generation this Valentine's Day was, 'We love you too.'

Veteran John Dougherty said it doesn't even matter what branch everyone serves in, the bond in the same.

"We fight like cats and dogs to stand back and to take care of the young people. So don't pick on a serviceman or you'll get yourself in real trouble."

Breazeale had a bit of advice for the troops of today.

"For the Air Force, I say keep them flying fellows. We love you."

Keesler officials say a local girl scout troop made the cards for the servicemen to distribute to the veterans.