Waveland Elementary Holds First Careers On Wheels

An animal control officer wows a crowd of children by showing them a real possum. Nearby, a Coast Electric employee warns the youngsters about the dangers involved in his job.

The demonstrations are part of "Careers on Wheels." The school is holding this program for the first time to introduce the Kindergartners through third graders at Waveland Elementary to jobs that require transportation.

"We need to start in the elementary level and move on up," program organizer Gay Spell said. "These children need to be prepared so when they reach high school to make a career choice, and once they begin their careers, they know exactly what they want to do."

The children get to meet face to face with people in the working world. Curious students also got to ask lots of questions. One child wants to know "What if the prisoners take their handcuffs and they hit the glass?" The police officer answers "They can't because their hands go behind their back."

The youngsters are already making up their minds about what they want to do when they grow up.

Kindergartner Wes Seymour said, "I like the tow truck, because it lifts up cars."

First Grader Brooke Thomas said, "I want to be a firefighter, because they have a big hose and they can squirt the fire out."

Second Grader Tyler Normand said, "I saw the possums at the animal control truck. It's neat because I like animals."

The program has another goal. Some of the children at the school have parents who are unemployed. Teachers hope those children will go home and tell their parents about the various careers that are available.