Boat Owners Want Improvements At Point Cadet Marina

Captain Tom Becker has made his living off charter boat fishing for 23 years. His boat, the Skipper, had to be moved to Point Cadet Marina shortly after the storm. Still, two and a half years after Katrina, boats at the marina do not have access to electricity.

"It hurts the charter boat industry. We have unlike themselves. We're down there quite often running our boats, but we also have freezers on board. Now we have to take everything off refrigerators, because we keep the customers' refrigerated sandwiches and things like that," Capt. Becker said.

Despite major repairs that are needed, boat owners at the Marina are still paying pre-Katrina prices for their slips.

"We've all been patient. We have a number of boat owners who don't even have a slip. They have no poles to even tie up to, and they're having to pay full price for their slips," said boat owner Clark Burrows.

Attorney Mikel Gusa took the matter to city officials. He urged them to speed up repairs at the marina or reduce the slip fees.

"Also, there are no pump out stations at the marina. You know what kind of ecological problem that presents. Everybody's tried to be patient and tried to work through this issue, and done the best that they can, but we're ready to get some answers from you," Gusa told the council.

"I've been in business 23 years down at Point Cadet. And basically the clientele that we built up over these years, we're starting to lose, because we're not getting the transit business back. We're not getting the people that used to come over and stay for the holidays and stuff, because the marina's not fixed," said Danny Pitalo who owns Point Cadet Fuel and Gorenflo's Bait and Tackle.

Mayor A.J. Holloway says projects at the marina, such as dredging, have held up some repair work. He does plan to meet with boat owners later this week to listen to their concerns.