Rockco Speaks Out Against Annexation; Wall Fires Back

An annexation fight has just started to brew between Biloxi and Harrison County. Yet, the tension is already boiling over.

Tuesday, Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rockco spoke to the Biloxi City Council. And she shared her displeasure with any thoughts of Biloxi annexing a 160 acre piece of property in north Woolmarket. The land is owned by James Frisby. He wants to become part of Biloxi.

Rockco argued that the friendly annexation would be unwelcome by Harrison County supervisors.

"I hope that we won't let the tax credits for out of town developers who have no vested interest in this community rule what we're doing here today and throughout the future of Harrison County and Biloxi," Rockco said.

Here's where things got testy. Councilman Tom Wall responded to Rockco by saying her comments were the biggest bunch of baloney he's heard since he's been on the council. Eventually, the council voted six to one in favor of the friendly annexation request.

A court will ultimately determine if the Frisby land will be in Biloxi's city limits.