Man Found Innocent By Reason Of Insanity In Grandmother's Death

A Jackson County jury says a Moss Point man was insane when he killed his grandmother with a hatchet more than two years ago.

O'bedean Crear Jr., 30, was found innocent by reason of insanity for the death of his grandmother, Pernell Crear, 77.

She was found dead in her Moss Point home in June 1999 with 17 hatchet wounds to her upper body.

O'bedean Crear admitted to the murder, and claimed it was the will of God. In court, both the defense attorney and the DA's office agreed Crear was insane during the time of the murder.

According to testimony, Crear and his grandmother had a close relationship. Family and friends say a 1998 boating accident in which a boom hit Crear in the head contributed to his unstable mental state. He had been seeking psychological help ever since that accident.

Crear is being held at the Jackson County Adult Detention Center, and will be transported to the Mississippi State Hospital in Rankin County next week.