Valentine's Day Creates Big Sales

Whether it's flowers or candy, you've only got a few days left to find that special something for your special someone. February 14th is Valentine's Day. The day of love is also big business as Americans buy more than a billion greetings cards.

Some are funny. Some are sappy. Karen Smith has a lot greeting cards to choose from to find just the right sentiments for the 20 people on her mailing list.

"I have eight grandbabies and I have a lot of little friends that I send two dollar bills to every Valentine's Day with a card," said Smith. "They get really excited about it."

While cards are the biggest Valentine's Day seller at the Hallmark store in Biloxi, the staff says plush toys and candy also rake in the sales.

Linda Fayard said, "Busy, busy, busy. That's good for us because that means we're selling more."

Genie The Florist on Cedar Lake Road is already feeling the holiday rush. On Monday, florists sorted through a huge shipment.

"Over 2,500 roses, and then just assorted flowers like carnations and daisies," said Jennifer Rich. "It is crazy. Hectic. We're glad it's only one time a year, but yet it's a lot of fun."

While many are planning a night of romance, the florists will be focused on long hours of hard work. They say Valentine's Day is the biggest day of the year for florists, and it will no doubt create a rosy picture for their bottom line.

Rich said, "Hundreds more. Hundreds of percent more. You just don't compare this to any other time of the year. It's a lot of work, but it's really nice to see a lot of people with smiles on their faces."

The owners of Ocean Springs' based Tri-State Flowers say they'll deliver tens of thousands of rose stems this week, which is four to five times their average business. The wholesaler operates in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.