Gagnon Receives Offer To Sell The Sea Wolves To Kentucky Investors

Mississippi Sea Wolves majority owner Jean Gagnon was en route back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast after meeting with a group of investors in Kentucky Thursday. The group made an offer to buy the local ECHL team. If the deal is accepted by the Sea Wolves shareholders, the Sea Wolves would move to Lexington, Kentucky.

Gagnon said, "We have a shareholders meeting planned for Monday. We'll discuss the Kentucky proposal. I believe it's a good offer, but I still think the Sea Wolves have a good chance to remain on the Mississippi Gulf Coast."

Gagnon added that he has not been contacted by the local group of investors led by Sea Wolves minority owner Lenny Sawyer. Gagnon said, "I would welcome any of those businessmen to contact me and help keep the Sea Wolves on the Coast, but no one including Lenny Sawyer have contacted me about their plans."

Something should be decided sometime next week or whether the Sea Wolves will remain in Mississippi or be sold to the Kentucky group and moved to Lexington.