Four Groups Receive Generous Donation

The Interfaith Hospitality Network is just one organization awarded grant money from Episcopal Relief and Development. It received $145,000, the largest check of all four recipient organizations.

"We were just beside ourselves. If we could have jumped out of our skins, we would have done it," said Debra Melton with interfaith Hospitality Network.

The organization plans to use the money to buy a home in Biloxi to use as a transitional shelter.

The round of grant monies totaled more than $350,000. Money that will stay right here in South Mississippi to help people get back into their homes.

St. Pierre's Episcopal Church also accepted a check for nearly $58,000 dollars. Money that will benefit Samaritan's Ministry in Jackson County.

"We help over emergency situations. We also have a food pantry to supply food for people," said Suzanne Cox with St. Pierre's.

Biloxi's Church of Redeemer will keep it's money in house to support other organizations who utilize their beach front property. Reverend Jane Bearden says the $120,000 is critical in maintaining the historic church.

"What we asked the Episcopal Relief and Development to do is to support us in maintaining this building for two years and then once we are back on our feet, we will continue the ministry here but without the help of the grant," Rev. Bearden said.

The organizations say the grant is just another sign that they are answering their true calling.

$25,000 was also given to St. Peter's Church.

Since Hurricane Katrina, Episcopal Relief and Development has donated more than $8,000,000 to South Mississippi.