Young People Express Their Emotions Through Art

The front lawn of the Insight Institute was a little more colorful than usual. That's because  children were expressing themselves through their artwork. Some of the young participants learned more than new strokes.

"Just to be creative and don't worry about what everybody thinks about your paintings; you know, just think about what you do," said 12-year-old Robert Dandeneau.

About 15 young people took part in the event.

"We work with kids who are having some behavioral problems, and we try to provide cultural experiences for them," said Sandra Diaz, Director of the Insight Institute.

Renowned artist Stefan Eines traveled all the way from New York for the event.

"We are just collaborating individually, achieving to do great art together," Eines said.

And the parents on hand were proud of what they saw and what their children were learning.

"To have fun and to get to know other kids that have maybe the same issues as what they have and they talk about that. Here today(Saturday) they expressed that in the artwork that they did, so that kind of gives us an idea of what's going on with their lives," said  Henry Black, Jr.

And that's the whole idea behind the Saturday meetings of the Insight Institute group, to learn and interact through various forms of arts and communication.

The group attends shows, performances and other cultural events every Saturday. Everyone is welcome.

For more information, you can call the Insight Institute. That number is 228-872-2011.