A Serviceman Surprises His Family With An Early Homecoming

Sergeant Chuck Marsh, a tech sergeant at Keesler Airforce Base is part of a secret mission.  It's a mission that puts military wife, Monique Klein, in the middle of one very big surprise.  But to keep this surprise under wraps, Marsh had to do a little creative thinking.

"What we came up with is that we were going to do a newcomers video for all the folks that are coming to Keesler.  In the meantime, I'm going to explain to her that WLOX is doing a feature story on the multimedia assets we have at Keesler," Marsh said.

In addition, Klein thinks she's coming to pick up her in-laws flying in from out of town. But, little does she know who's really coming home, her husband Master Sergeant John Klein.

The plan unfolded without a hitch.  Sergeant Marsh kept Monique Klein occupied in a conversation about the video as her husband came down the escalator.  When she finally looked up, her response said it all.

"Oh my God!" screamed Monique Klein.

What followed was a lot of hugs and tears, it was the response everyone was looking for, especially her husband.  Although Master Sergeant Klein knew his wife would be happy, he admits he didn't quite know how she would respond to his little surprise.

"I was waiting to see if she'd hit me or what she'd do," said Klein.

HIs wife had a similar thought.

"I didn't know whether to hug him or hit him!  I'm just like, 'is this real?'  You know, is it really him."

Klein came home almost four months early from a deployment in Southwest Asia.   His timing couldn't be more perfect.  He'll be home to help his youngest son, Heagan, celebrate his fifth birthday in a couple of weeks.  His oldest son will also turn 13 in April.

"I'm so glad he's not going to miss them now. It's going to be really exciting," says Monique Klein.

And the excitement's only begun for this family, as they left happy to be reunited.