Well Done To Reverend Bill Barton

Few individuals at age 83 are going as strong as the Reverend Bill Barton of Jackson County.

Barton recently stepped down at the Minister of Wade Baptist Church which he led for the past 15 years. He has spent the past 60 years in the ministry. Now he will have time to devote more time to the Home of Grace, a drug and alcohol treatment program he founded 43 years ago.

This program has been credited with helping thousands of individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol turn their lives around. The program offers hope to individuals who are at a low point in their lives and have no where else to turn.

Barton has been quoted as saying starting Home of Grace was a miracle as he had just a small piece of land without any money Barton is a testament of what one person with a goal in mind can accomplish in life.

Thorough hard work and a belief in what he was doing, Barton has touched thousands of lives along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Most of these individuals are leading a full rewarding life because of the program Barton started back in the 60s.

No doubt the coast is and continues to be a better place because of the Revered Bill Barton.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager