How Long Can Mississippi Fire Dogs Survive With A Lack Of Attendance?

The Mississippi Fire Dogs find themselves on the losing side, 2 wins in 6 games having problems offensively, unable to crack the endzone.

There's another problem surrounding the Fire Dogs and that's a lack of attendance.
After three home games, the Fire Dogs have drawn an average of about 650 fans per game.
That's an empty feeling inside the 92-hundred seat Mississippi Coast Coliseum.
What's the problem?

Fire Dogs Head Coach Irvin Favre said, "I wish I knew.  That's a hard subject to talk about.  We're very disappointed in the turnout.  The Sea Wolves attendance is drastically dropping and we're doing the same thing.  We're not the NFL.  But it's a pretty good brand of football. If they want it they will have to turnout for it.  I just don't know how much longer we can survive at the rate of how many people are coming to the game."

Fire Dogs quarterback Stu Rayburn has experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Last season he helped the Fire Dogs claim the N-I-F-L championship title, losing only one game all season long. It's been a different story this season and he too is disppointed in the fan turnout.

Rayburn said, "The Gulf Coast is a football area and a football Mecca.  A lot of great football players come out of the local area.  If people just come out and see what we're about and see the excitement that the indoor games brings out I think they would fall in love with it and would keep coming back."

The Fire Dogs have 8 games remaining, four of those in the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, so there's still time to improve the won-loss record and home attendance.  If fan turnout doesn't get better, you could be seeing the last of the Fire Dogs.