Biloxi Police Bust Burglary Suspect Almost By Chance

Investigator Tim McKaig said it all started at a monthly Coast Crime Meeting in Biloxi as coast law enforcement shared information about a string of burglaries.

"By chance Gulfport Police put a picture of a truck on the screen. They were doing a powerpoint presentation," McKaig said.

McKaig said he recognized the stolen truck from surveillance video Biloxi police had of a car burglary outside of Mary Mahoney's in late January. But, little did he know just how soon he would make a crack in the case.

"When the meeting was over, I pulled out of the Donald Snyder Center, and a truck matching that description passed me westbound on Pass Road. I was thinking, 'That could not be the guy.'"

But, there was one very noticeable feature that stood out on the truck that wiped away most of McKaig's doubts.

"The unique thing about this truck is that it had no tailgate and this truck matched that description perfectly."

McKaig reacted quickly, following who police would later find out was 47-year-old Roger Dean Thompson, on Pass Road.

"He made a U-turn at the Bay Vista Baptist Church and he pulled out of that parking lot really fast and hit two vehicles on Pass Road and that really scared me."

One person received minor injuries from the hit. The truck continued heading east on Pass Road and turned into the Enclave subdivision off Big Lake Road where Thompson eventually hit a curb, blowing out his two left tires.

After police arrested Thompson, they found credit cards, cell phones, digital cameras and jewelry, among many other items, stashed in the cab of his truck.

"He's been burglarizing all across Florida, Alabama and Mississippi."

Although the incident that led police to this arrest was by the chance, McKaig says all that matters now is they got their man.

Police believe Thompson is responsible for at least seven burglaries here on the coast. Thompson is charged with five felonies, just in the city of Biloxi alone. And police say more charges are on the way.

Something interesting to note, Investigator McKaig said the serial numbers from police reports helped them to identify the rightful owners of the stolen items. Police advise everyone to keep track of your serial numbers, because if your property is stolen, you have a much better chance of getting it back.