Moss Point Investigates Allegations Of Utility Theft

Some Moss Point city employees are being investigated for allegedly getting utility services without paying for them.

Mayor Frank Lynn says he recently received a complaint from a citizen accusing some city employees of illegally hooking up their service lines and not paying. Several employees names were turned into the mayor, now the city is investigating those workers.

The mayor says these accusations won't be taken lightly. Last week, he sent out a memo saying anyone found guilty of the accusations would be terminated and/or charged with crimes.

"We're not accusing all, we're just investigating into the rumors. And at this point, it's a rumor you see. It's nothing of fact," Lynn said. "We've got some names that we won't mention that we're looking at.

"I hope that it's all a rumor and that we have nobody that's doing what they shouldn't be doing."

The mayor says so far, there's no proof of any illegal hookups, but there are some city employees who had gotten way behind on their bills. They are now in the process of paying them off.