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Pascagoula Church Opens Cafe For Teens

Ask any young person under 25 about fun activities in Pascagoula, and you hear some surprising answers.

"Wal-Mart and that is about it," Pascagoula resident Melissa Ellington said.

"It is really not that much. It's Wal-Mart and a few restaurants," Pascagoula resident Caleb Turner said.

Christian Life International Church in Pascagoula has opened a new urban style cafe for young people to come in, kick up their feet and socialize.

"This original building was built in 1943 and this used to be a sanctuary," Rev. Eric Camp said.

Pastor Camp has turned the old sanctuary into a fun palace complete with flat screens TVs, table hockey games, and internet access stations. There's also a coffee and snack bar area.

"Anything Starbucks can do, we can do."

Pastor Camp says his goal is to provide a safe hangout, and attract more young people to God.

"I would challenge any pastor that is out there to think outside the box. Unfortunately, in the church today, we have seen a gradual decrease in attendance," Rev. Camp said.

His wife Toni Camp agrees. She says the church has to connect with young people on a special level, before they go astray.

"Whether it is a coffee shop, a game room, anything to get them in and get them in the door," Camp said.

Young people like Caleb Turner and Melissa Ellington are hoping that open door invitation will encourage more teenagers to come in and check it out.

"You don't have to be too church to come here. I can relax and enjoy," Ellington said.

For more information on the new cafe at Christian Life International, call the church at (228) 762-5639. 

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