Election Conflicts Delay Brice Case

Christeen Brice was a member of the God Squad, a group of citizens whose goal was to help officers maintain order at Black Spring Break 2001. She was convicted of disorderly conduct in Justice Court last August 15th, for interfering with officers during the event.

A hearing was scheduled for last November. But Judge Robin Alfred Midcalf, who was to hear the case, recused herself because Christeen Brice is on Midcalf's campaign re-election committee. The case was re-set for Tuesday.

But before court started, there was another delay. Harrison County Prosecutor Bobby Payne recused himself because of Brice's involvement in Midcalf's campaign. Payne is running against Midcalf for County Court Judge this fall.

Judge Gaston Hewes was to hear the case Tuesday, but since there's no prosecutor to present the case Hewes had no choice but to put Brice's appeal on hold until a special prosecutor is appointed.

Brice's attorney, Felicia Dunn-Burkes, asked Hewes to dismiss the case but he refused. Burkes wouldn't talk to us, other to tell us to check the court file for information.

Christeen Brice also had no comment.

A new appeal date will be set as soon as a prosecutor is named. It's not clear yet who will appoint the special prosecutor: Judge Hewes, District Attorney Cono Caranna or Attorney General Mike Moore.