Visions Of Hope Offers Help To Those In Need

"We promote overall self empowerment initiatives, and so to that end, we offer many services. One of our primary services is housing, education, and housing, for people interested in purchasing their first homes," said Sarah Walker, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Visions of Hope.

Visions of Hope provides medical services for people once a month. Dr. David LaRosa devotes one day a month to help out.

"I've been here for eight years, and we come the first Monday of the month is the afternoon and see people who don't have insurance and can't see the doctor," Dr. LaRosa said.

Visions of Hope also offers free tax preparation services, by appointment, and GED classes.

"I am pleased to say that those numbers have picked up since Hurricane Katrina. I think people have reevaluated and looked over their lives, and so they've established some new goals for themselves. Our GED program is doing quite well. We are open to new students," Dr. LaRosa said.

The non-profit group operates off grants and donations, but somehow, the group rises to the challenge of helping those in need.

"Our numbers have definitely, definitely increased since Katrina. That's for all services, except for our medical clinic. It's been a little bit low and that's because there were other free clinics that were open due to Katrina, but as we see that phasing out. Our numbers at the medical clinic are picking back up again, but everything else is shooting through the roof," Walker said.

The group will celebrate its ten year anniversary on March 8. Visions of Hope is looking to hire a office managers, and, of course, any donations to help meet the growing needs of the non-profit group would be welcome.

For more information, you can call (228) 435-9200.