Biloxi Bay Bridge Near Completion

Construction crews are working feverishly to complete the Biloxi Bay Bridge. MDOT has an April 16th deadline to have all six lanes up and running.

It's been three months since people were able to drive across the newly built Biloxi Bay Bridge. However, with only a portion of the work complete, project manager Kelly Castleberry says time is of the essence.

"The significance of not having this bridge was impacting the economy of both communities greatly, so it needs to be speeded up and try to get the work done as quickly as we can," says Kelly Castleberry.

MDOT set an April 16th deadline. However, crews are already making record time in constructing the bridge. What should have taken three years, will only take about a year and a half. That's because MDOT changed their process when it came to rebuilding the bridge.

"The bridge is actually designed concurrently as we are building the project. We get a little bit of the design done and then we begin building," Castleberry said.

People who use the bridge will have to make adjustments as early as next week.

"First thing they will see, of course, is the lane change. It will still remain one lane in each direction. The eastbound traffic will be put on the southern most bridge that we've just constructed and it will be that way for at least a month, or a month in a half, until we can complete the other safety features," Castleberry said.

Street lights have already been added to the bridge and Castleberry says it won't be long before people start seeing even more changes.

Crews say they're right on schedule when it comes to their April 16th deadline.