It's A New Mardi Gras Tradition - Bed Racing In Biloxi

Mardi Gras means parades, beads and now...bed races.  The first annual Mississippi Gulf Coast Bed Race rolled through the streets of Biloxi, Saturday morning.

Teams went two beds at time, stopping half-way through to switch clothes and get the rider dressed in pajamas, then they were off to the finish line.

Joan and Jim Smith are from Dunlap, Illinois.  They attended their first Mardi Gras parade 10 years ago and got hooked.  The Smiths said they couldn't miss this new Mardi Gras tradition.

"We love it, and we love the people," says Joan Smith.

Some stayed strong throughout the race.  Others rolled into a few problems steering, stumbling and just trying to keep their beds in one piece.  The team representing Wal-Mart in Biloxi was one of those teams.  But, the team carried on to the finish line, carrying the pieces of its broken bed.

Once the last beds crossed and scores were tallied, it was time to put the beds down and get down on the Biloxi Town Green.  Bed racers of all ages did a little dancing before digging into crawfish.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived.  It was time to find out who would take home the top prize.

First American Printing came in third, the Biloxi Fire Department came in second and the winning team was Landon Homes.

Each team had its own approach to winning the race.

"Put in a lot screws, a lot of speed and a lot of welding," says Brad Dronet, Team Landon Homes.

"We trained for a while.  We pushed beds up and down the street.  If you were staying at the Hard Rock, you might have seen us," says Ray Staten, First American Printing.

"Just trying to keep down the road and get our clothes on and off without exposing ourselves," says John Smith, Biloxi Fire Department.

This year's winners didn't take their titles lightly. The Biloxi Fire Department has already issued a challenge to next year's competitors.

"Watch out we're going to be hotter next year," says Smith.

Even though they don't plan on racing, there's one more team you can count on to come back to support the coast, Team Smith from Illinois.

"We won't let you down.  We'll be back.  We'll be back," says Joan Smith.