State Getting Caught Up With Tax Returns

If you sent in your tax forms early and are still waiting on your refund, you won't have to wait much longer.

Just two months ago, the state tax commission said it could be as late as September before you get your refund. Now officials say your check should be in the mail this week.

And as capitol Reporter Davis Brister tells us, all tax refunds should be in your hands by July.

Two months ago, Sandy Dean was just one of 15 temporary employees opening state tax returns. But then, the state legislature gave the tax commission enough money to hire 100 more workers. That made this once frustrating process much go smoother.

"You can see a light at the end of the tunnel," Dean said. "Before, we felt so overwhelmed knowing that there was tons of mail to be done and processed. Right now, we're working along a real steady pace, and soon we'll be caught up."

There's still a lot of work to do. Temps are opening mail sent before April 15th. But those returns filed on deadline day still haven't been opened.

"We have 65 mail carts full of mail to be processed," State Tax Commissioner Lester Herrington said.

Herrington says all the mail should be opened by this time next month, and your refunds should be sent out by the end of June.

Herrington says most taxpayers have been understanding, but some have called wondering where their money is.

"All the calling does usually is it delays some of the people to do some of the work necessary to get those refunds issued."

Herrington also says 400,000 taxpayers filed on-line this year, some 400,000 people. He says that's up 10 percent, compared to last year.

By Davis Brister

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