Duany Unveils Final Design Plans For Gulfport

After days of meeting with developers and designers, as well as city leaders and residents, new urbanist Andres Duany unveiled his final design plans for the city of Gulfport. Hundreds of people showed up Wednesday night for a glimpse of Gulfport's future.

Miami based designer Andres Duany and his design team spent ten days in South Mississippi finalizing ideas to help rebuild the city of Gulfport. Now, they have a plan.

More fields and restaurants will be added to the Sportsplex.

The VA Property will become a premier meeting, living and shopping destination with additions like an apartment community, a covered pool and a small hotel. It may also include a few shops and restaurants.

The same will be true for the Ken Combs Pier. There are plans to add a large waterfront pavilion, which will include a restaurant. There will also be a public pool.

However, not everyone is thrilled about the new urbanist's ideas. Gulfport resident Andra Brown has lived in the same home almost all of her life.

"He doesn't have the slightest idea what Gulfport is about," Brown said. "If they build all this stuff up around us and they don't take care of the problems now, we know they are not going to take care of the problems later," Brown said.

That's why Brown, along with several of her neighbors, started a petition against the plans that are closest to her 30th Street home.

"I try to keep an open mind, but when they come in and don't ask us for input, when it's in our neighborhood and they don't live there and they don't know the conditions of the land, it's not going to work," Brown said.

However, the mayor did ask for input from residents.

"We wish they had come earlier, but we still want to hear what they have to say. But we're not going to talk about what we didn't do, we're going to talk about progress," Mayor Warr said.

Mayor Warr says there will be several negotiation meetings for the design plans. Those meeting will begin as early as next week.