New Entrepreneur Network To Help Small Businesses Grow

In years past, you learned the hard way how not to start a business.

"Twenty-one years ago, when I started my small business, you just kind of went by the school of hard knocks," Representative Ken Morgan said.

Morgan sees the new My Biz Entrepreneur Network as a way to take the guess work out of small business.

"A lot of people in our state are wanting to go into small business for themselves and they're just scared to try."

The Mississippi Development Authority is devoting more than $600,000 of grant money to create the network to connect small business owners to the community.

"The community link is the vital, missing ingredient for what we haven't had. That's the role the colleges are taking on is to get these communities connected."

Small business owners won't be left alone to sink or swim on their own. Resources like the 15 community colleges in the state can provide education and training, but also marketing information and budget planning.

Dr. Glenn Boyce at Holmes Community College sees everyone benefiting.

"We want to take and expand the concept of entrepreneurship through our technical programs, our career programs, as well as expand it though some of the areas were we think economically it can become an enormous player in the economy as we move forward," Boyce said.

And successful small business, everyone agrees, brings more jobs and a better economy in Mississippi.

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by Jon Kalahar