Your Leftover Building Materials Can Help Others Rebuild

Hancock County residents who have been fortunate enough to get back into a home now have an opportunity to help someone else do the same. The Waveland volunteer organization Katrina Relief is asking residents to donate leftover building materials as a way to help people who are having trouble purchasing supplies themselves.

Kathleen Johnson is the director of Waveland Katrina Relief. She says she currently has 18 homes going up. And many of the property owners are having trouble purchasing the materials needed to finish their homes. She says donating your extras could go a long way.

"There are always left over materials on every job. Despite our best intentions to be effective and efficient, there's always that leftover piece you don't have a need for. If you've got it and you're not going to be using it, there's somebody out there who really needs it," Johnson said.

"We are looking for 2x4s, 2x6s, 2x12s, hurricane straps, nails, screws, electrical parts of all kinds, plumbing parts off all kinds."

An excited Johnson began sorting through her first boxes of donated supplies Wednesday morning.

"This is a whole box of roofing nails over here. This is absolutely a gold mine for us."

The donated building materials will be shared with other volunteer relief organizations around town. Katrina Relief will pick up the merchandise and store it in a warehouse.

"We only need usable materials. Anything that has been laying out for too long, that is molded or warped, we're not going to be able to use it. We don't want to use good resources running around picking up stuff we can't use. The items must be in good, usable condition."

Next month, Waveland Katrina Relief will attempt to build a home with leftover building materials. The organization is hoping to round up at least 300 2x4s for the project.

If you have leftover building materials and are interested in making a donation, contact Katrina Relief at (228) 466-4630.