Jail Break Shines Light On A Much Bigger Problem

Why is it taking a jail break to correct many of the security issues at the Harrison County Jail?

Certainly Monday's move by the Harrison County Supervisors approving $10 million to fix security problems is a step in the right direction. For we all learned this weekend just how easy it was for four prisoners to break out of the jail.

We don't understand how they could knock out a wall with a 300 pound door without someone at the jail hearing the noise?

The new sheriff inherited the security problems at the jail and isn't shying away from the serious situation. But questions still remain.

Why hasn't the public known before now that the jail wasn't secure? That interior cameras in various cell blocks didn't work, and that the perimeter camera system installed several years ago only worked for a month? Why did the sheriff's office and county administrators allow eighty percent of the cell door locks to remain broken?

We don't know where all the previous sheriff's budget was spent, but obviously many security problems were left unfixed, ultimately making it dangerous to us all.

It's encouraging to see the new sheriff and the supervisors are working together to solve these serious problems, and keep our community safe and secure.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager