Officials Question Dead Inmate's Identity

An inmate on the run this past weekend was found dead in cell Monday night.

According to Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara, Timothy Haynie, 27, was found hanging from his shirt that was tied to a fire sprinkler head.

He had been convicted of armed robbery in Biloxi and was serving his sentence at Parchman State Penitentiary. He was returned to Harrison County for a hearing to establish his identity.

Authorities are still not sure if the suspect's name is really Timothy Haynie. A Texas attorney says he represents the real Timothy Haynie. The attorney says his client discovered his identity had been stolen when he tried to enroll in college, but a background check revealed that he was in jail in Mississippi.

Authorities believe that Haynie's real name is Cody Blair Green. The attorney says that Green and Haynie knew each other from school.