South Mississippians React To State Of The Union

Some South Mississippians had plenty to say about the president's state of the union address.

Monday night, President Bush encouraged people to remain confident about the economy, and according to some South Mississippians, that's all they can do.

"My 401K is dwindling and whatever investments I have are going down. So it is effecting me," said Matt Lisky.

Litsky works on the Gulf Coast. He knows the country is facing a recession, but is confident things will change.

"It's depressing, but I presume it will get better because the market always corrects itself," Litsky said.

While Litsky is hopeful of the president's anti-recession plan, he is is doubtful that his stimulus package will help the economy.

"I'm no economist, but I don't know what people are going to do with that money other than pay down their credit card," Litsky said.

In his last six State of the Union Addresses, the president has focused on issues like healthcare and the war in Iraq.  While the economy is of great concern, these South Mississippians hope that he won't forget about our troops.

"There must be other resolutions to fighting and greed. There's so many other things that the planet could have taken care of a long time ago like shelter and starvation," says John Dellenger, a Biloxi native.

Dellenger says he is fed up with the president and his strategy in Iraq.

"They should be making him accountable [for the] dead in a body bag and missing limbs and legs," Dellenger said.

That's why he is anxious to see what the next leader of the nation will do to better the country and its relationships across the world.

President Bush said that he will push Congress to extend his tax cuts, which are to expire in 2010.