Supervisors Working On Jail Repair Plan

Harrison County Supervisors Monday approved close to $10 million to make security repairs and improvements at the county jail. The decision comes as Sheriff's deputies continue a massive manhunt for the last of four inmates who escaped from the jail Sunday. Sheriff Melvin Brisolara told supervisors a "State of Emergency" will remain in effect at the jail until further notice. The sheriff has canceled all deputy vacations and leave requests and has off duty patrol officers on working at the jail.

Mark Kee Brown, 33, escaped Sunday morning from the maximum security unit at the jail along with three others who were captured within a few hours. Brown, believed to be the organizer of the jail break, was being held on a capital murder charge. Brown was scheduled to be in court today for a hearing.

The money supervisors approved today will pay for new two guard shacks on the jail grounds and to repair the broken security camera, lighting and alarms outside the jail. Supervisors also approved temporary housing units for 384 inmates. Minimum security inmates will be moved to the temporary units to while the cell doors are replaced with doors that lock. Locks on the cell doors have not been working for some time. Sunday jail officials told WLOX News they had prisoners "on the honor system." The temporary housing units will be in place 45 days after the contract is signed.

Brad Kessie will have more on jail security later on WLOX News.