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Lucedale Asking Residents To Cut Back On Water Usage

For the last seven days, Lucedale's water pumps have been working non-stop. The demand has dropped the entire city's water pressure by 10 pounds.

"Our water pumps were pumping constantly, and we knew we were about to have a problem," Alderman at Large Louis Valentine said.

That's because the pumps weren't designed for this amount of use and could break down if it continues. That's why city officials are asking Lucedale residents and people in the Multimart community to conserve water.

"If they could cut down on sprinkling their lawns and just anything, maybe washing their vehicals."

It's been almost a month since any rain has fallen in Lucedale. Residents like Beverly Williamson say rolling up the hose and not watering her flowers is going to be tough.

"It's something I enjoy doing with my free time, and it gives me something else to do," Williamson said.

Beverly has spent a lot of time and money on her yard this spring and doesn't want to see it dry up and die.

"Either the plants will die or hope and pray we will get some rain."

"We don't want their plants to die or the their grass to die, but we need to converse as much water as we can," Alderman Valentine said.

City leaders say the water demand hasn't reached a crisis level yet, and they're hope conserving now will prevent any real problems.

The city of Lucedale is working on a long term solution to provide more water to residents by drilling a new water well for the south part of the city. Bidding for construction of the well should start in about 60 days.

By Ken Flanagan

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