Four Inmates Escape From The Harrison County Adult Detention Facility

Detention Center Warden Dr. Don Cabana explains exactly how 4 inmates began their escape from D block, some time between two and three o'clock Sunday Morning.

"They took the door off the hinges and put it in one of these items which is called a boat," says Cabana.

He says from there, 27-year-old Timothy Shane Haynie, 24-year-old Dustin Griffin, 21-year-old William Arevalo and 32-year-old Mark Lee Brown took the 300 pound door up stairs to another cell, and used it as a battering ram to break through the outer wall.

"They literally had to stop for a little while and rest because they were so damned tired from smashing on the wall," says Cabana.

From there he says they then used bed sheets to climb down, used bedding and clothing to scale 2 razor wire fences, then disappeared into the darkness. Newly elected Sheriff Melvin Brisolara says they discovered the escape at around 5:30 am.

"They split up once they got away from the facility here," says Brisolara. "Two of them did steal a truck from one of the businesses down the road."

Haynie and Griffin made it all the way to the Biloxi Wal-Mart on Pass Road in their stolen vehicle. They said they went there to buy shoes, but a Biloxi Police officer spotted them and quickly brought an end to their short shopping spree.

Arevalo was captured a few hours later in an area near Cedar Lake Road in Biloxi.

But Brown, who was being held on Capital Murder charges proved to be much more elusive, despite a massive man hunt assisted by nearly every other law enforcement agency on the coast.

"Gulfport Police department, Biloxi, all the local law enforcement agencies are really working well with us," says Brisolara. "And I feel confident that we will get him back."

Each man faces an additional five years in jail on escape charges.

Gulfport Police say the auto theft and any additional crimes they discover related to the escape could mean even more criminal charges filed against the escapees.