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Road Work Not Having Too Much An Impact On Traffic

A busy stretch of Highway 90 in Biloxi may have seemed a bit more crowded on Thursday.

At midnight, crews turned the eight lanes in front of Casino Row into four. But the lane shut down didn't seem to have too big an impact on traffic. During both morning and evening rush hour, traffic seemed to be flowing normally.

Right now, the work is concentrated in the southern-most lanes, but it will gradually move across to the northern side of the highway. During this time, drivers should expect changes in the lanes as they maneuver through cones.

Drivers say the work slows them down some, but most weren't too upset about it.

"I don't think it'll do any good to complain because I mean, it's just traffic," one told us. "It's just construction work. You just have to work around it."

"Having lived here for 19 years, I'm used to construction," another said.

In the long run, the project is supposed to fix the flooding problems on nearby First Street. Grand Casino pitched in $350,000 for the project because city leaders say runoff from the Grand's garage has made flooding worse on First Street.

The director of the nearby senior center says that's obvious.

"When it rains real hard, I mean huge amount of water comes out of there and in no time, with all those huge ones, which it looks like they have six of them across, floods this low lying area," center director Bernadine Marchitto said.

Crews are digging a large trench to install a 3 foot by 5 foot drainage line, which should help funnel water off of First Street.

"I'm very happy, and so are the seniors talking in the center that this is going to be fixed. And I'm sure all the people that come up and down First Street will also be very happy," Marchitto said.

In addition to fixing the flooding problems on First Street, this project is also expected to help with drainage on Casino Row. The $2.5 million price tag for this project is being shared by Grand Casino, the city of Biloxi, and the Department of Transportation.

The Highway 90 work should take about three weeks. The entire project is expected to take about three months.

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