SmartCode Designer Comes To Gulfport

Smart Code Planning for downtown Gulfport continued Tuesday. However, this time, South Mississippians got a chance to share their ideas with the man credited with creating the design.

Noted architectural planner Andres Duany hosted the workshop at the Hansboro Community Center. Duany will be in Gulfport for a ten day workshop and day one proved to be full of ideas.

Duany designed SmartCode 28 years ago. 300 communities later, cities are still implementing the design plan.

"Conventional suburban sprawl has become so common, where you have to drive everywhere that something so perfectly normal like a walkable neighborhood became famous and people haven't stopped talking about it," Duany said.

For months, members of his design team worked with Gulfport city leaders to create a SmartCode outline. However, over the next 10 days, Duany will make the plans more detailed based on what he hears from Gulfport residents.

"We involve the decision makers. We involve the people who are going to be affected," Duany said.

Smart Code will be centered around sites like the small craft harbor, the VA property, and the Ken Combs Pier and Boat Launch.

"We don't just want that to be a fishing pier, we want it to be a recreational facility to where when you go down there you have mothers and fathers and children going around and playing on that site. And it's going to be much finer than it ever was," said Mayor Warr about the pier.

The city will be much finer with a new urbanized look and a historic feel.

Mayor Warr also said that this is not just another planning session. He says after the workshop, the city meet with developers to move forward with SmartCode. He says that meeting will happen within the next 30 days.