Gospel Extravaganza Honoring The Legacy Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Through song and word people filled the Little Rock Baptist Church in Gulfport to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin. Luther King Jr.

"When they walk away from this musical tonight, it will motivate them to love each other and care for one another.  Most of all, they will support each other and support Dr. Martin Luther King's dream," says Vonnie Travis, program organizer.

It's a dream in which Dr. King paid the ultimate sacrifice for others to enjoy.

"People have died for us to be as free as we are today so we cannot take that freedom for granted, because anything that's taken for granted can be lost," says Rev. Lee Adams, Pastor of Little Rock Baptist Church.

The MLK community choir were among the choirs who paid tribute to Dr. King's legacy through song. Their voices rang out in unity as both adults and children sang together.

"As we prepare to go to heaven, it will be only one.  It will not be a youth and adult heaven so we have taught our children to respect their elders and know they paved the way just like Dr. King did," says Mary Spinks Thigpen, program organizer.

The musical's featured soloist, the legendary Mosie "Mama" Burks of the Mississippi Mass Choir. Like others, Burks says she's grateful for Dr. King's work.

"We have to give thanks to God for allowing a man of his calibur to come through here and lead us from where we were to where we are today.  His work is still being manifested through us. We would not be where we are now if we had not had that leadership."

It's a legacy of leadership through love, justice, peace and equality that will continue to live on.