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Bitter Cold Barrels Into South Mississippi

A bitter chill has descended upon the Gulf Coast. The Johnson family says they plan to follow mom's lead when it comes to fighting off the freeze.

"I plan on getting my fireplace lit and staying warm, staying warm out of the cold," says Sherri Mitchell.

You didn't have to go that far north to see the white stuff.  Vicksburg and Jackson got a fair share, as did Meridian. The snow even moved to South Mississippi where inland places like Hattiesburg will likely see a hard freeze.

As for travel, the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport reported delays Sunday morning, mostly in and outbound flights to Columbus, Ohio on Skybus airlines.

For those traveling on the roads, there are a few tips to keep in mind to work through unexpected delays and trouble on the road.

AAA suggests packing extra blankets and a charged cell phone.  They also say keep extra gloves and hats in the car.  In case of an emergency, AAA suggests keeping a brightly colored cloth in the car.  You can tie it to the antenna should you need help. And if you get stranded at night, keep your dome light on.  It only uses a little electricity and signals to others you need help.

As the bitter cold sets in, always remember to protect the four Ps: pipes, plants, pets and people. And you may want to add patience to the list, as we all wait for warmer weather to break through the winter chill.

By: Krystal Allan

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