Motorcyclists Ride For Dr. King

As the Coast wide celebration for Doctor Martin Luther King Junior continues some motorcycle bike riders are doing their part to help promote Dr. King's message.

The Down South Burners Motorcyle Club is striving to promote Dr. King's Dream of unity and equality by hosting its annual charity run.

"We are all going to need help at one point. Plus, Dr. Martin Luther King did a lot for us as a whole, and this is just a small fraction that we can give back," said Thomas McCoy, president of the club.

He says two years ago, the group decided to start doing charity runs for the Coastwide MLK Celebration.

"After Katrina, they had a hard time trying to get on there feet so we just decided that as a club we would come together and raise money to help them move forward," McCoy said.

Fellow rider Paul Noble agrees.

"It was for a good cause. Martin Luther King did something for everyone, and if I didn't come, I wouldn't be right," Noble said.

Now in only its second year, Down South Burners have attracted motorcycle clubs from all over the south.

"Anytime they have an event, we get out and try to show as much support as we can," says Big Ed from South Coast Psychos.

He wants to change America's view of race relations in South Mississippi. That's just one reason members of his club are taking part in the charity ride.

"Back in the 60s there may not have been a lot of friends. If was still back then before MLK came and spoke his words, we wouldn't be mingling like this, and I look at that as part of helping the community and taking the south to a higher level than what people perceive us as," Ed said.

Saturday's charity ride raised nearly $400 for the Coastwide MLK Celebration.

The Down South Burners presented the money to the committee at Saturday's Coastwide Program.