Four Lanes Will Be Closed For Highway 90 Construction

If you travel Highway 90 in Biloxi, brace yourself for some traffic headaches ahead.

Starting at midnight Wednesday, crews will start putting up barricades and traffic signs as they get ready for a huge drainage project on the Point.

The barricaded area stretches from Oak Street to Myrtle Street. Traffic will be down from eight lanes to four lanes.

When the project starts early Thursday morning, crews will first shut down the south lanes of Highway 90.

Workers will be installing large drainage lines, which involves digging a 14-foot deep trench under Highway 90 from Pine Street to First Street. They're already doing some preliminary excavation work in front of the Grand Casino garage.

This system is part of a $2.5 million dollar project to ease flooding troubles in the area.

"This project is designed to improve drainage in the area between Oak Street and First Street, all along Pine Street. All of that area has flooded for years, and this is going to be building a 3 x 5 drainage line that will go under Highway 90. The outfall will be south of the Grand Casino parking garage," Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel said.

Once the work on the south lanes is complete, crews will start shutting down the north lanes and shift traffic again. City officials say about 40,000 cars use this stretch of Highway 90 every day, so have a lot of patience and expect traffic delays.

Police officers will be on hand to help keep traffic moving during morning and afternoon rush hours, and as needed. This work is expected to take about 21 days.

You can find out more about the construction at the city of Biloxi's web site.