Casino Executive Says Messy Medians Are An Eyesore

The Biloxi lighthouse. Palm trees. A casino resort. That's the picture coast casino executives wanted their Southern Gaming Summit guests to see.

Overgrown medians weren't supposed to be in that picture.

Keith Crosby runs a Biloxi casino. When he saw the weedy medians, he said, "The place just doesn't look as it could, look as good as it could."

Crosby was angry that the Highway 90 medians didn't reflect the beauty of the Coast.

"I think we're all out there investing a lot of money in the appearance of our properties," he said. "That says a lot about the ultimate product. And we've got to carry that straight to our medians and side streets of Highway 90."

Harrison County's sand beach department is responsible for median maintenance in Biloxi. People like Jason Quave mow and edge the grassy areas along Highway 90 and the boardwalk.

"They were a little high, not too bad," Quave said. "But they needed a good cutting."

Normally, sand beach workers cut the medians every two weeks. But a recent hiring freeze left the county agency eight workers short. So sand beach crews admit the medians didn't get as much attention. But now that the agency is fully staffed again, they said the Biloxi medians will get the sprucing up they need.

Keith Crosby said he's not concerned about how Biloxi medians are landscaped. He is worried about how they're maintained, especially when a big event is in town. In his opinion, Biloxi should look to Ocean Springs or Gulfport as examples of how to maintain medians.

Gulfport has its leisure services department maintain downtown medians. Leisure services director George DeCoux said, "It's a matter of civic pride."