New Casino In Diamondhead Needs Financial Support

Diamondhead's proposed casino has a name and a conceptual design, but it doesn't have financing. And it doesn't have a start up date.

The name of Europa Cruise's Diamondhead project is the Creole Bay Casino Resort. Company executives unveiled what they'd like to build on the north Bay of St. Louis at the gaming summit on Wednesday.

Besides the casino, a 1,500-room hotel, a golf course, and other amenities would be adjacent to I-10. According to Europa Cruise Chairman Deborah Vitale, Creole Bay will be a dream come true.

"Honestly, it's been a long haul getting here," Vitale said. "Until last year, when we were out of the boat business, we were consumed with boats. We had no time for this project. And the good news is, now we have nothing but this project in our sights."

Vitale held her news conference on Wednesday, even though her company is in the middle of a proxy fight. She said the battle with some stockholders won't slow down her attempts to get financing for Creole Bay.