Ronald Husband Found Guilty On Two Counts Of Capital Murder

After 6 hours of deliberation, a jury has found Maxie resident Ronald Husband guilty of two counts of capital murder.

46-year-old Ronald Husband was found guilty of the murder of two Wiggins Police Officers, Odel Fite and Brandon Breland.

The jury of nine women and three men and three men convicted Husband.

With the conviction, Husband can be sentenced to death or to life in prison without parole.  The sentencing phase of the trial will being Monday morning at 9am.

At the request of Husband's lawyer, the trial was moved out from Stone countyto Lauderdale county after a December 19th hearing.  Husband's lawyer requested the trial be moved, citing pre-trial news coverage and the victims' prominence.

Fite, 48 and Breland, 23,  had responded to a domestic violence call in Wiggins on November 27, 2005 where they were gunned down.

The two officers were shot with Fite's weapon after Husband wrestled with the men.