Funeral Held For Gautier Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

As the Military Guard carried this flag draped casket outside First Baptist Church in Gautier, mourners saluted fallen soldier Major Michael Green.

In the distance, community members and out-of-towners stood along the processional route waving red, white, and blue flags as tribute to Green's heroism and sacrifice.

"He gave his life for our county. It hits me hear; it hits me in my heart," Louisiana Resident Tom Seaton said.

"I did not personally know Major Green, but we want to say thank you, because he gave the ultimate sacrifice," Patriot Guard Andrew Copeland said.

Major Michael Green was military bound from childhood.  Loved ones say he joined the ROTC in college, and later worked himself up to a high ranking military official at 36-years-old.  Green's career ended in Afghanistan last week, when a bomb exploded under his convoy

As the Patriot Guard and the hearse bearing Green's body rolled through the streets Saturday, Green's service was honored by many.

"Thank you for your time, and thank you for your dedication to your country and community," Gautier resident Dawn Rebarchick.

Dawn Rebarchick and her husband Bob say Major Green is a true example of an American Hero.

"Whether you agree with the current conflict, or regardless of your politics, these people served our country every day. You need to remembered that."

"He gave the ultimate sacrifice.  He gave his life for his country," Gautier resident Bob Rebarchick said.

Although a life has been lost, he's a hero that will never be forgotten in South Mississippi.

The Patriot Guard presented a special flag to the Green family in memory of Major Michael Green's service to our country.