More Testimony Today In The Husband Capital Murder Trial

Prosecutors in the capital murder case of Ronald Husband hope to wrap up their case this afternoon. Then the defense will begin its case. Husband is charged with killing two Wiggins Police officers in November 2005.

Morning testimony centered on the physical evidence from the crime scene and Ronald Husband's home. Two experts from the Mississippi Crime Lab, testified about collecting and securing the evidence. A state forensic analyst, Leslia Davis, gave detailed testimony about a gray sweatshirt stained with blood which prosecutors say belonged to Husband. Davis said a cutting from that sweatshirt tested positive for blood. The tests show that blood matched the blood of Frances Arnold, the woman Husband allegedly assaulted. Arnold testified she called 911 for help. Wiggins officers Odell Fite and Brandon Breland responded to that call and were shot to death.

The crime lab also tested blood stains on a yellow bedspread recovered from the Arnold house and a towel. But that towel was a point of disagreement in court. Husband's defense attorney argued that the towel was not properly logged into evidence and should not be allowed. The judge ruled it will be up to the jury to decide if that evidence is relevant.

A DNA expert from Louisiana told the jury about the tests she ran on the sweatshirt. Ann Montgomery confirmed the blood was Frances Arnold's. The defense tried to put holes in the expert testimony about DNA taken from the two officers. The initial tests report identified officers Fite and Breland's blood as identical, which can only occur in identical twins. Under cross examination by the defense, Montgomery said there must have been some mix-up of evidence before it arrived at the lab. She added those collecting evidence are human and sometimes errors occur.

Testimony began Tuesday in Meridian where the trial was moved because of pre-trial publicity in the Wiggins area. Proceedings were delayed on Wednesday after one of Husband's attorneys had an allergic reaction to medication. Today the judge in the case told jurors they could be in court all weekend to finish the case. The jury is being sequestered.

Danielle Thomas will have more on the trial on WLOX News at six.