Biloxi Council Hears Concerns About Woolmarket Annexation

Biloxi City Council members took time out on Tuesday night to hear from residents in the Woolmarket area who aren't happy with the city's annexation plans.

Biloxi annexed the 34-square mile area north of the city, almost three years ago. More than 20 Woolmarket residents came to the meeting to hear about the city's plans for the area.

Some say they're frustrated about promises the city made but failed to keep.

"When am I going to get water? When am I going to get sewage? When am I going to get storm drainage? I already know it will not happen in my lifetime," Woolmarket resident Ron Lester said.

During the meeting, Biloxi's chief administrative officer Jim Borsig presented the council a report detailing exactly how much money the city was spending in each service area. The study lists $2 million in equipment and personnel and $8 million in capital improvement projects.

Borsig says annexation is always a challenge for any city.

"It's always bumpy, but I think that the dollar amount, that what's been spent and the services that have been provided show that we have a strong commitment to that area, but we can always improve on how we go about doing business," Borsig said.

The report presented at tonight's meeting is available online. Just go to the city of Biloxi's web site and click on "Woolmarket Annexation."