New Campaign Uses Humor to Crack Down on Underage Drinking

May is a big month for students in South Mississippi with events like prom and graduation. Unfortunately, many young people decide to celebrate with alcohol. That's why "The Century Council" launched an advertising campaign Tuesday to keep alcohol out of the hands of anyone under 21.

The campaign goes right to where kids try to buy alcohol, local liquor stores. Brill Bernich proudly displays the campaign's new signs around his store. He wants young people to know that no one at his store will help them break the law.

"Well if they go outside and I get caught for it, I can look at it as if I'm gonna make that 20 dollars, but then in the long run I'm gonna be shut down for seven days. So I'm losing a lot more money if I take those twenty dollars," says Bernich.

The officers who work to enforce the law say alcohol sales to young people are a serious problem, with serious consequences.

Windy Swetman with the Harrison County Sheriff's Department says, "If you mix alcohol with speed, and that's what young people are doing in their cars, then it's just going to be a cocktail for fatalities."

The Century Council did a lot research to find an approach that would appeal to teens. Tommy Hopper believes the humorous ads do just that.

"We have everything from the 'No sale, No id, No way' buttons and posters to more humorous things like 'If you don't know what an eight track tape is, prepare to be carded."