Testimony Resumes In Ronald Husband Capital Murder Trial

Testimony resumed this morning in the capital murder trial of Ronald Husband, the man accused gunning down two Wiggins police officers in November 2005. Wednesday the trial was put on hold because one of Husband's lawyers was ill. Attorney Ray Carter did not return to the courtroom today, so the judge appointed attorney Don Medley to assist in Husband's defense.

Morning testimony came from two Stone County Sheriff's deputies who were dispatched as back up after officers Odell Fite and Brandon Breland did not respond to the police dispatcher. George Dominquez, who now works in the Pearl River County Sheriff's Department, testified when he arrived he found the two Wiggins officers lying side by side. Dominquez said he ran up to Breland to check his pulse, but Breland was dead.

Stone County Chief Investigator Wayne Cook told the court when he, Dominquez and State Trooper Jameson arrived, they didn't know if the gunman was still in the house. To secure the scene, Cook testified he drove his car up into the yard to provide cover so they could attend to the Wiggins officers. Cook also explained that he left the scene to interview Frances Arnold, the woman who called 911 that night for help. In previous testimony Arnold said the defendant, Ronald Husband, had assaulted her. Arnold was taken to the Sheriff's Department where Cook said he asked her to write down what happened. Cook testified Arnold also identified Ronald Husband as her attacker and gave him a description of Husband. Cook said he then took Arnold to Stone County Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

The trial is taking place in Meridian because of a change of venue. They jury is being sequestered.

WLOX reporter Danielle Thomas is covering the trial and will have reports later on WLOX News.