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Students Work On Computers Donated By Area Businesses

Some Moss Point seniors are wading through a wall of boxed up computers. The school system received 50 computers from Singing River Hospital systems, and it's these seniors' responsibility to get them ready for the classroom.

"The main propose is to get them up and running, then get them to the schools through the district," Kareen Evans said.

"I'm glad they did that," JaNa Morrison said. "We can work on them and get them back out there and in good use."

The students are qualified to do the job. They're all part of a class that teaches how computers really work and how to repair them. Students say these donated computers need just a little bit of work to be ready for the next school year.

"Most of them don't have CD-Roms, so we can just install the CD-Roms and they can be put to use," Morrison said.

"It will help the kids with the standardized tests, and the reading test coming up, and that's a good part we are doing for this class," senior Lamar Smith said.

"Dust them out, check the motherboards, check the power supply, just really try to figure out if there is anything wrong with them," Laterica Ashford said.

The hospital system donated 50 computers to each school district, after upgrading their computer systems. Singing River's Director Chris Anderson says, these computers are just one way the hospital system can help improve the community.

"We really like helping the schools and other public organizations as much as we can," Anderson said. "We certainly have got a tremendous amount of support from the community."

The computers will not be ready for a few more days, but Moss Point organizers say schools are already lining up for their computer.

The Moss Point Schools also just recently received 10 computers from Friede Goldman. Students are also working on those computers.

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