Waveland Mayor To repay city more than $21,000

The State Auditor's office is demanding that Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo repay the city more than 21-thousand dollars.

That order follows an 8-month investigation into Longo's alleged use of public property for personal use.

Audit investigators say Longo was paid more than 11-thousand dollars as Mayor while he was working as a counselor for the Gulf Coast Mental Health Center .

Investigators also say Longo used a city vehicle to do his work at the mental health center... and that he claimed an excessive amount for city reimbursement on a car rental invoice.

Mayor Tommy Longo has maintained all along that he has done nothing wrong.

In a phone interview with WLOX NEWS:

Longo told us Quote... "If I had done something criminally wrong auditors would have pushed for prosecution."

The mayor said he had to tie up several loose ends at his old job before he could quit.

The money the auditor's office says Longo owes the City will probably be paid by the City's bonding Company.

Nearly $10,0000 of the money auditors have asked Longo to repay is for costs related to investigating the case.